Concrete Alterations

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Several options exist for these areas including liquid dazzle, trowel texture and stains. Any number of patterns can incorporate via scoring of the actual concrete. In addition, differing colors can be utilized with the scored areas to achieve a custom and unique design, once sealed these surfaces are seamless and non porous. Walls within these buildings finished with drywall or any masonry product can be finished with a light stone concrete texture. Patterns are also applied to mimic the look of tile, stone and even slate. Walls can be finished for a 20% of the cost of installing real stone or slate and nearly ½ the cost of ceramic tile. In most instances, when ceramic tile, marble or slate already exist on the floors and walls, tear out will not be required since our concrete products can be installed directly over these other products.

Cafe-in-Salon Liquid-Dazzle-Multi-Colors
Liquid-Granite-Restaurant One-Color-Stain
School-Study-Area-Stain Stain-With-Border-Design
Stain-With-Curved-Design Stain-With-Pattern
Waiting-Room-With-Cafe-Dazzle Wine-Shop-Stain
Waiting-Room-Dazzle waiting-room-floor-glaze