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Resinous Epoxy This term has become common with many Architects, designers and business owners. Most think of this application as epoxy with color quartz sand broadcasted into it and then top coated with epoxy and sealed. There are other resinous epoxy applications and they are all applied the same way. The difference if the media used. Resinous applications can also use ¼” vinyl flakes and 1/16” vinyl flakes which look like quartz sand. Other applications include metal flakes in varying sizes and even mini rubber pellets to provide some cushioning.

Gemstone Marble Epoxy is a 100% solids floor coating system that creates an evolving drift dynamic, allowing for a color-changing custom floor. Gemstone is a decorative, and chemical-resistant coating that is sealed with a clear high gloss or satin sealer for added protection. It is ideal for retail spaces, office buildings, medical facilities, restrooms, banquet facilities, hotels, casinos, salons, restaurants, showrooms and residential floors. What a great product to wow people with.

Solid Color Epoxy  

Stained Concrete stains are ideal for new concrete or bare concrete surfaces. They are a cost effective option to finish floors and have a durable and attractive floor.

Polished Concrete This term has gained popularity over the last few years, especially for industrial plants, warehouses, big box stores, retail, showrooms, dealerships and even office buildings. Polished concrete consist of mechanically grinding the concrete and polishing it utilizing diamond grinding pads, hardners and sealers to level, densify and polish the floor. The result is a shiny surface that can handle wheeled vehicles, shopping carts, etc. It is a low cost option to finish concrete floors.